Ninth Letter Web Edition (forthcoming)

  • Under Granny's Wings
Outlook Springs Issue 3
  • A Sibling Interlude
  • Mean Boy Prophet
Rogue Agent
  • Red in the Trees Always Catches the Eye
Tinderbox Poetry Journal:
Drunken Boat Speculative Folio:
  • Some Things Can Only Happen on a Mountaintop
  • One Gift for Another
Atticus Review
  • Bad Jamie Stumbles into Song
Little Patuxent Review
  • Ye Gethsemane
Goblin Fruit
  • Call her auteur but call me sunset
  • Sometimes a Visit is a Fable
  • Lately a new web
Sliver of Stone:
Mirror Dance:
  • She said call her auteur or call her god (the stop-motion animator speaks)
  • The stop-motion animator flourishes under strange guidance
  • On my worktable (the stop-motion animator takes stock)
Right Hand Pointing:
  • Tell Mother we're still
Drafthorse: lit journal of work and no work:
  • Can We Buy What We Need?
  • Incident, Endeavor
  • Our Labor Seasons the River
  • I Attempt to Reconcile the Men I Know
  • I've Met Our Local Giant
Tuscaloosa Runs This: An Anthology of Tuscaloosa Writers:
  • Tuscaloosa Love Poem
  • The Local Lore
The Paris Review:
  • [Biggest fish I will ever see]